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Commercial Testimonials

Comments on our Programmes from Commercial Candidates

Rosaline Fumfon

CILT Level 6 Advanced Diploma in Logistics and Transport Graduate

“I write to express my joy for this achievement which for me did not come easy.  I thank you all very much, most especially my teacher, Adrian Leigh, for the good tuition, student support and follow up you did to ensure this success.

I am a very busy person in my function as the manager of logistics in my company Addax Petroleum, as well as a mother, wife, church leader, and many other extracurricular activities.  Combining these functions result in a great weight.  But with my determination to succeed and your continuous support, I was able to achieve this milestone.

The learnings from this course have been so impactful in my professional career and I believe its flames have begun to be well felt by the company.  This is a course that empowers one to become a high performer and leader in the skill pool and in business management.  I am well informed and ready to make a difference in my company and environment.  I will not hesitate to refer as many people as I meet to do this course.”

A picture of Craig MatthewsCraig Matthews, British Army

CILT Level 5 Professional Diploma in Logistics and Transport Graduate (ELCAS)

“I enrolled onto the Level 5 Diploma in summer 2018 using the MoD’s Enhanced Learning Credits (ELC) Program. LLA made the process remarkably simple and easy to use. Once enrolled, the tutors introduced themselves and offered their full support in all aspects of the learning.

The course structure is fantastic, utilizing the simulated business environment to better deliver an effective outcome as opposed to the usual academic writing required by many learning establishments. Learning in this manner enabled me to understand and apply the real world effects of the information I was learning. There is no pressure applied by LLA to submit your work on particular deadlines and the tutors are always on hand to assist in any ways.

The turn-around time for marking work was generally fast, with work being returned within 2 or 3 days. The occasional submission took longer, but this was generally in line with the length of the submission.

I highly recommend not only the course, but LLA itself for their professional manner and innovate way of delivering the course.

5 Stars.”

A picture of Graham HarrisGraham Harris

Level 3 Certificate student (ELCAS)

“A simulated workplace based on a fictitious company called SCILplc, the learning method employed by Logistics Learning Alliance is unique.

Attending meetings, analysing data, implementing new processes, it closely mirrors real life situations and is highly realistic. With full access to an excellent range of learning materials, Logistics Learning Alliance encourages you to put your new found knowledge into practise. SCILplc provides the environment in which this can be done in a safe and risk free manner.

A large number of learning providers still employ dated textbook and essay learning methods. However Logistics Learning Alliance is anything but. As I progressed through each module the need to refer to this material was dramatically reduced. This was why I chose Logistics Learning Alliance, because I wanted to assemble the knowledge that would allow me to confidently apply it in a real workplace. If you can do it in an environment as realistic as SCILplc, then you can do it anywhere.”

A picture of Sharon SaltSharon Salt, Eddie Stobart

UKWA Warehouse Manager CPC Graduate

“I’m thrilled to be the first person within the logistics industry to pass this new course. I have an extremely busy working life but the distance learning enabled me to complete the course in small sections and at a time that suited me. The content is really relevant to my role and encompasses all aspects of managing a warehouse. It has also given me lots of food for thought as I start to think about introducing new ways of working within the warehousing sector.”

“Having joined Eddie Stobart in 1994 as a warehouse operative, I’ve always been based at our Bardon distribution centre where the site sits on an area of 690,000 square feet and can hold 108,000 pallets. I’ve had the opportunity to progress my career and today, I am now managing 21 first line managers and supervisors, who like me, are all working towards gaining their qualifications. They’re already engaged with the online training and their feedback has also been really positive. I’m looking forward to celebrating with them all when they pass.”

A picture of John KhumaloJohn B. Khumalo

Introductory (Essentials) Supply Chain Short Course

“I feel honoured by finishing my Supply Chain Essentials course. It was a great experience, very empowering in terms of learning, the training is world standard.

The support from the LLA team was super. I am happy with the way LLA is designed, it is so efficient, convenient and I was able to study while working at my own pace. Am looking forward to doing another level with LLA.

Thank you LLA.”

Liam Derham

CILT Level 5 Professional Diploma student (ELCAS)

“I have been in the British Army for almost 10 years as both a Driver and Supplier by trade in the Royal Logistic Corps. I have promoted to the rank of Corporal and thoroughly enjoyed my service. However, I decided that 10 years was enough and it was time to go home to my family and adopt a new life outside of the wire. Wanting to continue within Logistics (as this was my forte) I decided to look into the roles of supply chain management and transport. Having gained the relevant qualifications and experience as a soldier, I was confident I could seek employment quite easily. I did however need that last ‘dose’ of experience and qualification under my belt.

That’s when I discovered Logistics Learning Alliance whilst researching online courses. I made a phone call to LLA and was put through to Kelly Woodward. Having explained my military background and the job roles I wanted to pursue on Civilian Street, Kelly advised me to enrol onto the self-study Level 5 Professional Diploma in Logistics and Transport Management. This course is sourced and certified by the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport. Having this chartered Diploma on your list of qualifications is going to see you employed by nearly all Logistics companies at management level.

As I was leaving the Military, I knew I could use my enhanced learning credits to pay for the course. I simply had to pay my standard 20% and within days I was set up and ready to go.

I have been enrolled on the course for 9 weeks now and already ‘ploughing’ through the tasks. It’s not an easy course designed to get you a free Diploma, but it is incredibly achievable and very informative. I have learnt an abundance of knowledge so far and only half way through my first module. The information I have retained has seen me answering specific questions relating to logistics in job interviews and coming away successful. Because employers are aware of me studying for my Diploma, they have considered me a great asset to their company and have employed me as a Logistics Manager. I literally had two interviews and was offered the job on both occasions. With studying for the CILT Level 5 Professional Diploma and my military experience put together, I have boosted my profile tenfold and already have a job before I’ve even marched out of camp.

I can’t thank LLA enough for all of the support they have given me during the course so far, especially my Coach and Mentor Haydn Sandvig, who almost daily chats with me on the phone and E-mail, coaching me along the way. For the price you pay, you really do gain so much support and an outstanding qualification at the end.

If you want to pursue a career in logistics and transport, get your teeth stuck into a great job role, gain an abundance of knowledge, experience and understanding of the logistics world, then this is the course for you. I am even considering going for the level 6 in a couple of years time.

An outstanding course that I highly recommend to anyone in a Logistics role.”

A picture of RodericRoderick Spiteri,

CILT Level 5 Professional Diploma student

“After a couple of years working in a supply chain environment, I thought of getting a certificate to have something to show to potential future employers. I dreaded the thought of committing myself to a course, so I kept putting it off for a couple of more years.

When the company i worked with had some issues and was on the brink of closing down, I panicked and decided that now is the time to try and obtain a certificate as a ticket for my next job. Fixed lesson schedules were not for me and I didn’t want to commit myself to any form of academic constraints, studying and exams.

From multiple positive reviews, I learnt out about Logistics Learning Alliance and CILT and took the plunge. Immediately, I realized this was nothing like i thought it would be. A case study was sent to me based on a fictitious company which was as close to reality as possible. The environment was like working in a real company, together with real life scenarios, meetings with different members of the staff, analysing data, identifying problems and finding solutions. I am learning new things all the time, things I never gave a second thought to in my line of work. It enables me to see things differently in the post i hold. I never imagined studying can be so enjoyable.

It wasn’t all easy… some tasks can be quite daunting at first, but my tutor at LLA Haydn Sandvig has always been by my side and supported me. I’m sure he goes out of his way to answer any questions or difficulties I might have at any time of the day. I work normal office hours and the only time I have to study is in the evenings and sometimes during the weekends. From the very first time we spoke, Haydn had told me to contact him if I needed to ask any questions (everybody says that). I never realized how true to his word he was. Whatever the day, time or situation, he always finds the time to answer any queries I have. It makes you want to give your very best so his support and efforts at making me a better student will not go to waste. It’s a very enjoyable experience overall with exceptional customer service.

I am currently in my 3rd quarter of the course, and already considering taking it a step further by attempting a higher level certificate once I finish my diploma.”

Miragha Babayev

Certification in Humanitarian Logistics and CILT L6 Advanced Diploma in Logistics and Transport Graduate

Dear Friends!

I would like to take this opportunity to share with you my joy of my successful completion of the Advanced Diploma in Logistics & Transport (Level-6) with CILT (UK).

After I have completed my Certification in Humanitarian Logistics programme with FRITZE Institute / Logistics Learning Alliance Ltd. in 2010, the experience and knowledge I obtained in the course of my studies, encouraged me to study further in the field of Logistics & Transport, and I decided to continue my education with CILT (UK), focusing on the Advanced Diploma in Logistics & Transport.

It was a unique experience and it was one of the best educational experiences I had.  I had the great opportunity to study the following modules:

• Logistics & Transport – Strategic Context

• Leadership and Strategic Management in Logistics & Transport

• Strategic Network Planning in Logistics & Transport

• Delivering Strategic Performance in Logistics & Transport

• Research Methods and Professional Projects in Logistics & Transport

The above subjects helped me to better understand and gain substantial amount of knowledge in the field of Logistics & Transport management.

My tutor was committed to providing a positive and supportive learning experience. When struggling with a subject and seeking help, I found doors were always open and my tutor would not hesitate to clarify any doubts or uncertainties.

I really enjoyed the course itself and I can’t thank my tutor enough for all the help and instruction he gave me throughout the whole course.

It is also worth to mention that throughout the whole programme I was continuously impressed with the high level of communication and professionalism from the students’ supporting staff at LLA.

If you are looking for qualifications in the field of Logistics & Transport which can be applied both in commercial and humanitarian I would highly recommend you to consider the CILT qualifications studied through LLA.  Because the quality of the teaching and staff is of a high standard, so you will really get the most out of your online programme in the field of Logistics & Transport.”

A picture of Sam GodfreySam Godfrey,

CILT Level 5 Professional Diploma Student

“I am currently studying towards a Diploma Level 5 in Logistics and Transport Management.  I choose to partake in the course through the Logistics Learning Alliance as I could study at home at my own pace, yet in a structured bite sized manner; without the need to sit daunting final exams.  I find that I learn in a way that has purpose.  It is fun relating the answers to the ‘imaginary’ company SCIL plc.

I feel that it allows me to build a real picture and put the learning in to context as you are actually applying answers to information based on scenarios set within the SCIL plc. I have then found that I can apply the ideas learnt, and use ideas from my own business, warehouse, factory and supply chain to complete assignments.   Each assignment builds on knowledge previously learnt through past assignments. I feel the ability to apply the knowledge practically through SCILplc really deepens and strengthens the new information in to the mind.

My tutor, Haydn Sandvig, is great, responding to my assignments via email in good time, and is always there to offer support and guidance to keep me going in the right direction.  I feel confident to ask questions no matter how large or small without feeling uncomfortable.

All in all from my personal experience I have found it a great way to enhance my career through relevant learning in a way that can suit a busy working lifestyle, by doing manageable sized assignments to build a portfolio of assignments and therefore knowledge.”

A picture of John HawmanJohn Mawman, Raleigh

UKWA Warehouse Manager CPC Graduate

“I joined Raleigh UK Ltd in June 2015 as their Warehouse Manager, taking over from my predecessor who was with the company for 47 years. Today, I manage a 160,000 sq ft. warehouse and distribution facility with a team that includes 3 supervisors, 5 team leaders and 30 staff members.

The world of logistics is ever changing and new technology advances bring us new ways of working. Here at Raleigh, we have gone through a period of implementing a new voice picking system which has significantly improved efficiency in our Distribution Centre.

As working practices change, it’s essential that I stay ahead of the game. So, after careful deliberation I chose to study a UKWA Warehouse Managers CPC course with the Logistics Learning Alliance. I selected this course as I felt it offered a comprehensive, wide range of subjects that would develop my skills and help me progress within my organisation.

Although the course involved distance learning, the support from the Logistics Learning Staff and my course Tutor was outstanding. Understandably with a fast paced and demanding role, the course had to fit into my already busy schedule and distance learning really allowed me to work when convenient.

I was so impressed with the course that I’ve rolled this out further into my team, with my new Supervisor taking up the Supervisor CPC course to ensure he’s fully equipped to meet the growing demands of his role.”

Dave Masih, Operations Manager, Fuji (UK)

“Since 2004 I’ve had the pleasure of working with Peter Jones and Logistics Learning Alliance (LLA), who have assisted me in gaining Professional Diploma L4 in Logistics and Transport (2005) and Advanced Diploma L5 in Logistics (2009). In addition to these courses, I’ve also utilised LLA’s skills for delivering group learning and one to one courses in order to enhance my team’s knowledge of the Logistics and Transport industry. In my experience, LLA have served me and my team well. The company has a tremendous understanding of people’s needs and abilities, which enables them to extract the best out of the trainees. I would recommend LLA to any organization if you’re looking to improve your skill base.”

Annie Thuy Pham, The Logistics Training Group, New Zealand

Level 5 student

“Thank you very much for your comments on my last task. I really enjoy this Supply Chain Management module. It has been a great pleasure being your student as I have learned a lot from your questions and feedback on all of my tasks. I really appreciate your feedbacks and advices throughout my course with LLA. It has been a truly challenging journey but I thoroughly enjoyed it. It is one of the best courses that I have ever taken and I am confident that the knowledge I have gained from it will give me a solid foundation to further my career in supply chain management.

You are a very enthusiastic and helpful tutor who has a lot to give to his students and I hope I will have you as my tutor again”

Michael Olorenshaw, Superdrug

“LLA have proved themselves invaluable. We had some specific training needs and LLA’s courses offered us the opportunity to select the aspects that would add the most value to our trainees, and furthermore to the business. Highly recommended as a training partner!”

Gary M, Fuji UK

(Managing People & Performance), Student

“I found the training days to be constructive and presented in a relaxed manner and within a comfortable environment. The trainer was knowledgeable about the subject and encouraged open discussions linked to our own experiences and work issues. This assisted/enhanced our understanding of what was being taught and how we could implement/apply it to our current roles.”

Daniel Wilsher, Fuji UK

(Leadership & Improving Team Performance), Student

“Thank you very much for the grades and feedback to the work i have done. I am very happy to have completed this course. Hopefully it will be the first of many. I found the course very enjoyable and I believe that it is a good way to be eased back into learning after so many years away from that way of thinking. I think this has set me up to be able to move on to a further course. The fact that it is a short course is brilliant. It felt achievable because of its length. The course content has been perfect for me and the role I perform at Fujifilm UK. It has given me an understanding regarding leadership and management that I didn’t have before I started the course and has equipped me with the tools I need to develop as a leader. I also believe that by doing this course I will be able to improve team performance. Which, as the title states is the aim.” Peter has a good way of making you think about the ideas/solutions to things without just firing lots of information at you that could have easily been forgotten. Now i have attended a training course with LLA I like the way things are done and have looked at two of the other training courses they offer. The way the courses are set out make something that can be interpreted as rather difficult to complete achievable and more easily understood.”

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