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Supply Chain & Logistics Learning Programmes


A picture Karim Hayat

I am pleased to share my thoughts that today I have completed my CHSCM after three years of continuous struggle. It has been a great learning experience for me throughout the learning period, I have achieved highly valuable knowledge, information and skills that will be a great use to boost my career. Much appreciated support from whole Fritz/ LLA team, I would like to say special big thanks to the entire Fritz/ LLA team and my tutor Peter Jones for all amazing support I received throughout the course.

Karim Hayat CHSCM graduate


A picture of Sonia Aranda

I feel privileged to have had access to this exclusive group of logistics professionals. The cognitive process I went through with the brilliant guidance of my tutor, the newsletters, the administrative help of the student support unit, the peer support from the FB group.

Personally and professionally I am now able to service the beneficiaries of humanitarian actions in an effective and efficient manner. I am grateful for this opportunity and for the goal of empowerment of the logistics professionals through high academic and practice education.

Sonia Aranda CHL graduate

LLA Logistics Learning Alliance