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Logistics and Supply Chain Management Courses and Learning Programmes

LLA humanitarian and business logistics and supply chain online learning programmes/face-to-face events are driven by your requirements. Delivered by in-house sector professionals, we are committed to achieving a successful outcome for yourself and your organisation. Customer service and support for our students is at the heart of our business.

The supply chain is central to all business strategies and our areas of expertise encompass the whole supply chain from logistics technical areas to management, leadership and soft skills. All of our courses are flexible which enables industry professionals to tailor their study to fit their objectives and individual timescales.

At LLA we offer a broad range of Continuing Professional Development skills programmes for groups and individuals who are working in the both the humanitarian and business Supply Chain sector and logistics functions. Completion of our  Logistic courses and UK regulated/accredited qualifications through our online or face-to-face courses gives industry relevant recognition. Looking to improve your product and service sourcing skills? We also offer sourcing and procurement courses that will help you gain experience sourcing goods, services or works from external sources.

For humanitarian aid agencies it is vital to ensure that best practice solutions are adopted. Recent humanitarian events have demonstrated the need for high levels of professionalism and skills in the whole humanitarian logistics and supply chain management area.  Our programmes have been developed in conjunction with the humanitarian sector to certify the skills of the humanitarians working in this area, to demonstrate best practice, and to create a common understanding and vocabulary across the agencies. Building capacity within the agencies is vital if they are to be ready to meet the challenges of today's and tomorrow's emergencies.

For business customers, we take the time to listen to you and understand your business needs and goals. We understand that one solution does not fit all. We create bespoke learning programmes that help to maximise your business efficiency and performance, that fit with your business vision and goals.

For individuals, we offer free, no-obligation career advice and support to help accelerate your professional development through distance learning programmes. Learn from the comfort of your home, at your own pace, with the help of our online courses supported throughout by our experts.

For Armed Forces personnel, we want to help improve your employability in the commercial sector which is why we also offer enhanced learning credit courses and CILT UK Regulated courses carried out by our experienced career coaches.

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