Registration and Enrolment Policy

(Please note that this policy does not apply to humanitarian programmes accredited by the Fritz Institute)


This policy covers the Logistics Learning Alliance (LLA) rules and procedures for the enrolment and registration of Students (Learners) on a programme of learning, along with the rules for extension and re-registration at the end of a programme of learning.

When you enrol on a programme of learning with Logistics Learning Alliance you accept the terms and conditions of enrolment set out in this policy, as declared when you agreed to our Terms and Conditions.


  • Awarding Organisation (AO): The body that awards and certificates a programme of learning. LLA must follow the rules set down by the AO to deliver the programmes that they award and certificate.
  • Programme: For the purposes of this policy, this covers all courses, qualifications, and programmes of learning.
  • Programme Length: This is the time allowed by the Awarding Organisation for a student to complete a programme, course, or qualification. This is set and fixed by the awarding Organisation and LLA cannot change this.
  • Start Date: This is the date that a Student starts their programme and the start of the fixed programme length.
  • Target End Date: This date is 1 calendar month before the end of the set programme date. This is fixed so that LLA have the time necessary to process a Student portfolio and submit it to the Awarding Organisation.
  • Registration Period: This is the same as the programme length but starts from the date that LLA registers a student with an AO.
  • Expiry Date: This is the end of the Registration Period with an Awarding Organisation. No Student work can be submitted to the AO after this date.
  • Extension: A period set by the Awarding Organisation that extends the length of programme.
  • Re-Registration: A restart of the Programme Length.
  • Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL): If a learner has completed the same units as part of a previous registration or a similar qualification, awarded by the same Awarding Organisation, within a set length of time, there is a possibility that this work can be used as evidence towards the current programme.


1. Programme Start Up

1.1. Once a Student is enrolled on a Programme, they will receive a welcome mail within 10 working days. Welcome mails contain the information needed to get started on their programme and will include details of: Start and Target End Dates, Contact Details for their allocated Tutor, Website Login Details (if needed) and any initial tasks for their programme.

1.2. Students agree to follow the instructions laid out in their welcome mail and to return any required documentation within 10 working days and to complete any initial tasks for their programme within 1 calendar month from their start date. Failure to meet these dates can delay the Student being registered with the Awarding Organisation.

2. Registration

2.1. Students are registered with the Awarding Organisation at the beginning of their programme, this may be delayed by LLA to allow a brief window of time for the student to settle on the programme and ensure that they can cope with the requirements of the programme.

2.2. Once a student is registered, they will be sent an email with the details of their Awarding Organisation registration number or reference.
Programme Progression

2.3. LLA will support Students throughout their programme, but it is the responsibility of the Student to manage their time and progression.

2.4. LLA will send periodic emails to encourage students who are behind on their progress and will remind students of their Target End Date.

2.5. A student may withdraw from their programme at any time, but as per our terms and conditions, any fees already paid will not be refunded, and any outstanding balance will become due for payment upon withdrawal.

2.6. LLA may withdraw a student from their programme for a variety of reasons and will discuss these, where possible, with the Student prior to withdrawal. Reasons for Withdrawal by LLA include:
a. Academic Misconduct
b. Payment Failure.
c. Unreasonable lack of progression
d. Unreasonable or Abusive behaviour

2.7. All candidates will be required to submit satisfactory evidence of their identity and country of residence when registering for a programme of learning with LLA. Guidance will be given on the requirements during the registration process.

3. Programme End

3.1. Target End Dates are set at the beginning of a student’s programme, all student work must be completed and signed off by this date.

3.2. Target End Dates are set at least 1 calendar month before the expiry of the Awarding Organisation registration period. LLA require this time to process and submit a student’s portfolio to the Awarding Organisation.

3.3. If a student fails to meet their Target End Date, LLA cannot guarantee that a Student’s Portfolio will be processed prior to expiry of their registration period, which may lead to a Student failing their programme or being required to pay for re-registration.

3.4. If student is struggling to meet their Target End Date, they must contact LLA as soon as possible to discuss this. If there are extenuating circumstances (as defined by the Awarding Organisation) there may be a possibility to extend the length of the programme.

3.5. An extension can be applied for if there are extenuating circumstances affecting the Student and stopping them from meeting their Target End Date. Extenuating circumstances normally acceptable to the Awarding Organisations include:
a. Jury Service
b. Military Deployment / Posting Overseas
c. Pregnancy / Maternity / Paternity Leave
d. Sole carer for close relative due to illness
e. Spouse/partner or other immediate family members: Illness, injury, or bereavement
f. Other similar reason (e.g. those issues covered by the Equality Act 2010)

3.6. Work commitments and/or changes, are not generally accepted as an Extenuating Circumstance.

3.7. To apply for an extension, students must provide evidence which supports the reason for application. LLA will explain the acceptable evidence that needs to be submitted at the start of the application process. An application cannot be submitted to the Awarding Organisation without supporting evidence.

3.8. Supporting Evidence must be received by LLA within 10 days of an application being requested. Failure to supply acceptable evidence within this time frame, may mean the cancellation of an application.

3.9. An Extension can only be applied for if a Student has completed a minimum of 50% of their programme units.

3.10. Extension applications are a paid service which covers an administration fee, and the Awarding Organisation fees. The application fee is none refundable and must be paid (received) before LLA will process an extension application. Please see the Fees table at the end of this policy for details.

3.11. An extension application must be applied for before the Target End Date. LLA require 20 working days to process an extension application, so we advise Students to request an extension at least 1 calendar month before their Target End Date or we cannot guarantee an application can be submitted in time.

3.12. Extensions are granted at the discretion of the Awarding Organisation. While LLA will advise on, and process, an extension application, we cannot guarantee the outcome of an Extension Application.

3.13. Extension Periods are between 1-12 months and the length will be decided by the Awarding Organisation on a case-by-case basis. Note: only one extension period will be permitted per enrolment/registration period.

4. Re-Registration.

4.1. If a registration/enrolment period expires, a Student may be eligible to Re-Register on the same programme.

4.2. Re-registration is a paid service which covers an administration fee, and the Awarding Organisation fees. Please see the Fees table at the end of this policy for details.

4.3. As part of a re-registration a student may apply for recognition of prior learning for any units fully completed during the previous registration period. LLA will advise if a Unit is eligible for application. Note that applications for recognition of prior learning will delay the re-registration process.

5. Recognition of Prior Learning for Re-Registration Applicants

5.1. An application can be made for Recognition of Prior Learning on a fully completed unit from the previous registration period. Note that depending on the Awarding Organisation, units are only eligible for a fixed length of time (usually two or three years)

5.2. An application for Recognition of Prior Learning must be made before a re-registration is processed. Applications made after registration will not be accepted by the Awarding Organisation.

5.3. Recognition of Prior Learning will not reduce the payment required for re-registration and all applicable fees will remain payable even if the application is accepted.

6. Recognition of Prior Learning for New Students

6.1. If a new Student has completed the same or similar Units from a previous registration on the same or a similar programme, there is a possibility that Recognition of Prior Learning can be applied for. LLA will advise if a Unit or Qualification is eligible for Recognition of Prior Learning.

6.2. An application for Recognition of prior learning must be made before a student is registered on a programme and application to the Awarding Organisation may need to be made.

6.3. Recognition of Prior Learning will only reduce the work needed to achieve completion of a programme it will not affect the pricing. Full payment for a programme is still required, even if recognition of prior learning for a unit is accepted.

7. Substitutions for Students Placed as part of a group Registration

7.1. If a company has placed a Student on a programme, either individually or as part of a group and the student withdraws, LLA, at its discretion, may allow the company to substitute the student for another employee. As Long as:
a. It is within the first 3 months of the enrolment period
b. No Full Units have been completed.
c. Allowable within AO Rules

7.2. Substitution is a paid service which covers administration fees, assessment fees, and any Awarding Organisation fees. Please see the Fees table at the end of this policy for details.

7.3. A standard substitution is for one student being changed for another on the same programme. LLA at its discretion may also allow for substitution of the programme as well, but this may incur additional fees.


Extension Fees

The total cost of an extension will be made up of:

  • Any outstanding payments or instalments
  • LLA Administration Fee of £100 (+VAT if Applicable)
  • Awarding Organisation Fee of £75 (+VAT if Applicable)

Re-Registration Fees

The total cost of a registration will be

  • Any outstanding payments or instalments
  • LLA Administration Fee of £150 (+VAT if Applicable)
  • Awarding Organisation Fee (current enrolment fee)
  • Course Fee difference if any (between current course price and price originally invoiced)
  • Re-Assessment Fee of £50 (+VAT if Applicable) per completed unit

Substitution Fees

The Total cost of a substitution will be:

  • Any outstanding payments or instalments
  • An LLA Administration Fee of £50 (+VAT if Applicable)
  • Any Awarding body registration fees (if Applicable)
  • Course Fee difference if any (if changing level or programme)
  • An assessment fee of £20 (+VAT if Applicable) per assignment/task completed by the initial student.
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