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At LLA, we provide a wide range of online courses in Logistics and Supply Chain, from officially recognised and industry specific qualifications to our own suite of CSCP and CPC courses. Whatever your requirements, there is a course available to study through LLA and our unique distance learning method.

During July and August 2024, we are offering a special Summer Discount on CILT Qualifications and CSCP & Warehouse CPC Courses:

CILT Qualifications – 10% Discount  Qualifications eligible for this discount are:

  • CILT UK Level 3 Practitioner Certificate in Logistics, Supply Chain and Operations Management
  • CILT UK Level 5 Professional Certificate in Supply Chain and Operations Management

CSCP & Warehouse CPC Courses – 25% Discount  Courses eligible for this discount are:

  • CSCP Level 2, 3 & 5 – Awards, Certificates and Diplomas (Fees start from GBP187.50 OR $240.00 per unit)
  • CPC Level 2 Introduction to Warehousing & Logistics
  • CPC Level 3 For Warehouse Supervisors
  • CPC Level 5 For Warehouse Managers

For more information, email enquiry@logisticslearningalliance.com.

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