Regulated Qualifications (RQF)

LLA now offer a variety of formally recognised Regulated Qualifications (RQF), covering a wide range of subject areas including Team Leading & Management, Warehousing & Logistics and Business & Customer Service. 

These qualifications add another set of courses to our growing suite of professional Programmes and are suitable for those in both Logistics and non-Logistics related sectors. These RQF Qualifications (previously widely known as ‘NVQs’ or ‘QCFs’) can be studied as Awards, Certificates and Diplomas. These qualifications were often at the heart of UK Apprenticeships prior to the launch of new standards and give a strong grounding in each of the available subject areas.

Awarded by iCQ and regulated by Ofqual, these qualifications are available between Level 2 (ideal for those new to the sector with no previous experience) and Level 7 (for those with many years of experience at higher level management and a postgraduate level of competence). For more information about UK qualification levels, visit the UK Government website.

RQF Assessment Routes

Delivered by LLA, these qualifications will be available through two different routes depending on the chosen qualification:

Assessment Route 1 (AR1) – this is a route focusses purely on knowledge and understanding. Qualifications following this route are available for anyone looking to improve their professional development by enhancing their knowledge of their chosen field. Students following this route are not required to be in a relevant job role and can use this route to explore new subject areas. Studied exclusively through assignment-based distance learning using LLA’s SCILworld Case Study.

Assessment Route 2 (AR2) – this expands on Assessment Route 1 (AR1) by adding assessment of competency in the workplace. Qualifications following this route are available to those working for a company or organisation in an appropriate job role.  This adds a ‘hands-on’ element to the Knowledge and Understanding based route, requiring the learner to generate evidence from their day-to-day work. This includes assessment via video observations, witness testimony and reflective statements. These will be assessed remotely without the need for on-site visits, by an LLA assessor who will provide support throughout the duration of the course. Studied alongside our standard assignment-based approach.

RQF Subject Areas

Manager during meeting leading his team and reviewing documents

Team Leading and Management

Qualifications for those currently working as Team Leaders, Supervisors and Managers, as well as those aspiring to these roles

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HELM 2 - Logistics Learning Alliance

Warehousing and Logistics Operations

Qualifications for those currently working in the Warehousing and Logistics sector, as well as those aspiring to these roles

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customer service operative in a call centre

Business and Customer Service

Qualifications for those currently working in areas that support the day-to-day running of a company, as well as those aspiring to these roles

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