A career in logistics has traditionally been dominated by men, in part because of its association with physical work. Operation of heavy machinery, and a male-dominated industry, may have been off-putting for a woman investigating a career in this area. However, the advent of robotics and automation has meant that there is no longer this barrier, and more women are being encouraged into this interesting sector.

One barrier that remains is access to enhanced learning to climb the logistics career ladder. Encouraging more women to take up managerial positions is crucial to a well-balanced operation, with different perspectives, approaches and communication styles. Women bring a range of skills to this level. However, attendance at face-to-face workshops may not be an option.

Online learning, and distance learning, are key to enabling more women into this sector. As with men, women can fit their learning around work responsibilities. However, women also tend to shoulder more of the domestic burden. With this reduced learning time, either because of looking after small children or elderly relatives, an online logistics course can fit perfectly. A logistics distance learning course is ideal for the busy worker and parent and you can learn at your own pace.

Our award-winning company, Logistics Learning Alliance (LLA), is an excellent example of a training and professional development supplier. With a wide range of courses and qualifications, our programmes are available online, with the option of face-to-face learning as well.

There are many options for a logistics management course, for example, warehouse management courses. Whichever course you choose, you can be assured that your course will be of the highest quality, with LLA committed as much to your success as you are. With outstanding student support, you could be on your way to the logistics career progression you want, on your terms.

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