Whether you decide to have a lifetime career in the armed forces or you decide to move back into civilian life, an LLA-delivered CILT qualification can help you to have so many more options for your personal career development.

Logistics, whether that is in a humanitarian capacity or supply chain management, is a crucial part of the UK’s military and without it, the armed forces can’t operate properly. From medical logistics to warehouse management courses, these professionals keep the British Army, the RAF and the Navy moving efficiently. Logistics also keep the UK supplied and running smoothly too and being a CILT qualified professional means you would be able to transfer your career into civilian life easily should you go on to choose a commercial position.

Why should I choose Logistics Learning Alliance?

Logistics is generally split into two different areas, the humanitarian sector and the commercial industry. Both of these offer great opportunities for CILT qualified professionals in the UK. The commercial industry is generally more predictable, with supply levels and locations less varying than humanitarian logistics, which can be harder to forecast, but both are very rewarding areas to work in.

The Logistics Learning Alliance (LLA) has lots of experience in helping military personnel train and enhance their skills for career progression in both in humanitarian and commercial fields. Our Fritz CILT certifications have been developed with the humanitarian industry sector’s professional leaders (Oxfam, Medecins Sans Frontieres, Save the Children, and UNICEF amongst many others) and we offer a wide range of online logistics courses for commercial professionals too.

How can I get more information on CILT courses and logistics management?

With a CILT qualification you can move your career into many different areas, giving you the opportunity to extend your skills with a certification which is recognised throughout the UK. We focus on you, the student.

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