IoSCM Level 3

in Supply Chain and Operations

The IoSCM Level 3 in Supply Chain and Operations is intended for those who are or are seeking to become Supervisors or Team Leaders within the logistics and transport industry.

The IoSCM Level 3 in Supply Chain and Operations is designed for those who already have experience in the supply chain industry. At least two years of experience is recommended but you don’t need any prior qualifications. IoSCM Qualifications are approved by the awarding organisation SFEDI and recognised by Ofqual, the UK qualifications regulator.

The IoSCM Level 3 can be studied as an Award, Certificate or Diploma. Topics covered in the IoSCM Level 3 course include Supply Chain Operations, Warehousing, Inventory, Transport, Procurement, Logistics and Ports and Shipping.

Level 3 is for you if you are: Are a supervisor/first line manager or are aspiring to that role, wish to improve your overall logistics knowledge and want to solve logistics issues in the workplace.


Individuals and team members earn industry recognised qualifications that allow them to excel in their jobs.


IoSCM qualifications are recognised internationally, allowing you to open your career opportunities worldwide.


IoSCM qualifications are highly rated by employers and completing these courses will ensure you stand out from your peers. Ideal if you are looking to enhance your career development and increase your chances of a salary increase.


Gaining IoSCM qualifications will show to your employers that you are looking to learn and improve. These qualifications will equip you with real life skills that you can apply when getting a job.

Course Fee & Duration

Average course duration: 40 guided learning hours per unit.

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Course Content

To gain the Award, you must complete 1 Core unit. To gain the Certificate, you must complete 1 Core unit and any other 2 units. To gain the Diploma, you must complete 1 Core unit and any other 3 units.


Core Units:

Supply Chain Operations

This unit includes Logistics and the Supply Chain, Supply Chain components, Risks to a Supply Chain and Supply Chain integration.

Warehousing Operations

This unit includes Warehouse departments, Warehouse Management Systems (WMS), Health & Safety and Contingency planning.

Transport Planning Operations

The unit includes Principles of Transport Planning, Legislation & requirements and External influences & Demand types.

Purchasing Processes

This unit includes Organisations involved in Purchasing, Sourcing Suppliers & Requirements and Relationships & Markets.


This unit includes Logistics Services & Transport, The Aim of Logistics and Organisational Requirements.

Manufacturing and Production

This unit includes Organising Production & levels of demand, Sales forecasting & analysing competitors and Improving Productivity.

Ports and Shipping

This unit includes Types of ports & functions, Seaport connection & transhipment and Challenges & external factors.

Inventory Processes

This unit includes Purpose of inventory, Inventory control & alternatives to holding stock and Finance & Inventory systems.

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Optional Units:

Basic Finance Costing

This unit includes The Role of Costing Systems, Recording & analysing cost information and Budget reports.

Improving Team Performance

This unit includes Team building & development, Effective communication & characteristics and Team evaluation.

Introduction to International Trade and Freight

This unit includes Trade legislation & regulations, Trading documentation & Freight systems and Customer requirements.

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