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Since the launch of the Fritz Institute – CILT Humanitarian Logistics Certification Programme (HLCP) in 2006, LLA has been delighted to be working alongside International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) to deliver our Programmes to their staff. ICRC has been a huge supporter of HLCP and we are delighted to continue to work with them to develop our relationship.

As part of our evolving partnership, we are delighted to visit ICRC’s Regional Warehouse and Logistics Centre in Nairobi as part of our Humanitarian Essentials Logistics Module (HELM) training in Kenya. Since HELM first launched in 2015, we have been honoured to be allowed to visit ICRC’s Regional Centre, with our students learning valuable insight into how ICRC operates and gaining knowledge of internationally renowned best practices in storing and distributing aid and other essential goods.

In this video, we take a closer look at how ICRC functions with an in-depth tour of their Centre. Learn more about ICRC’s day-to-day operations and how Humanitarian Logisticians benefit from acquiring this knowledge and improving their own skills.


Humanitarian Logistics Certification Programme (HLCP) update

Humanitarian Logistics Certification Programmes 2022

Formed in 2006, the Fritz Institute-CILT Humanitarian Logistics Certification Programmes have provided Logisticians with the skills, knowledge and competency required to effectively deliver humanitarian aid and logistical support to those most in need. Since the launch, hundreds of Humanitarians have graduated from these Online Programmes, becoming Certified Logisticians who can effectively deliver aid and assistance to those in need all around the world.

This month marks the first anniversary of the relaunch of the Certification in Humanitarian Logistics (CHL) Programme. The CHL Programme was revamped in July 2021 with the launch of its fourth version, featuring a fresh look and a new emphasis on flexibility and a shorter study timeframe for students. The CHL Programme consists of self-guided practice activities and coach-based learning assignments designed to demonstrate the skills and knowledge required to be a competent, professional Humanitarian Logistician.

Are you an experienced Humanitarian Logistician or Supply Chain Manager who is looking to study an advanced level qualification that is recognised by NGOs? Or a Certification in Humanitarian Logistics (CHL) Graduate who wants to move on to the next stage of your professional development? The Certification in Humanitarian Supply Chain Management (CHSCM) Programme is the ideal Certification for experienced Humanitarians. Studied exclusively through fully coached distance learning.


Humanitarian Essentials Logistics Module (HELM) – Successful events in Kenya and first ever visit to Bangladesh

A group photo from our HELM event in Nairobi, Kenya.

A group photo from our HELM event in Nairobi, Kenya.

We were delighted to be able to successfully deliver two HELM events in the past couple of months, with a return to Nairobi, Kenya in May followed by our first ever training event in Dhaka, Bangladesh in June.

Thank you to everyone who attended events. Special thanks to Syrian Arab Red Crescent, Kenya Red Cross and Catholic Relief Services for allowing members of your team to attend this hugely important training in Nairobi. We would also like to thank International Committee of the Red Cross in Kenya for your cooperation, The Boma Hotel for your usual high standards of hospitality and Allan Kilakah Masavah, Nirpa Dhami and George Fenton for your support.

A group photo of our students visiting Kenya Red Cross in Nairobi.

A group photo of our students visiting Kenya Red Cross in Nairobi.

We also want to offer our congratulations to those who graduated from our first HELM event in Dhaka! We look forward to returning to Bangladesh in September with our first visit to Cox’s Bazar to deliver our next HELM Diploma events.

A group photo of our students with their certificates in Bangladesh.

A group photo of our students with their certificates in Bangladesh.

Are you interested in learning more about Humanitarian Logistics? Want to attend one of our Humanitarian Essentials Logistics Module (HELM) training events? Over the next few weeks and months, we are looking forward to returning to Sierra Leone, Bangladesh and Kenya, as well as our first ever visit to Cambodia in late November. See our updated schedule below:

  • 11th-15th July 2022
    Nairobi, Kenya: HELM 4 Medical Logistics Diploma – Procurement, Cold Chain Management, Warehousing & Inventory, Distribution and Disposal
  • 19th-28th July 2022
    Bo, Sierra Leone: HELM 1 & 2 Diploma – Supply Chain, Warehousing & Inventory, Fleet Management & Transport, Procurement, Medical Logistics, Management & Leadership
  • 19th-28th September 2022
    ***NEW LOCATION ADDED***Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh: HELM 1 & 2 Diploma – Supply Chain, Warehousing & Inventory, Fleet Management & Transport, Procurement, Medical Logistics, Management & Leadership
  • 25th-28th October 2022
    Nairobi, Kenya: HELM 1 – Supply Chain, Warehousing & Inventory, Fleet Management & Transport
  • 31st October – 3rd November 2022
    Nairobi, Kenya: HELM 2 – Procurement, Medical Logistics, Management & Leadership
  • 7th-11th November 2022
    Nairobi, Kenya: HELM 3 Advanced Supply Chain Manager – Supply Chain Management, Stock Pre-positioning, Phases of Humanitarian Response, Team Management & HR and Cash Transfer Programming (CTP/CBT)
  • November 2022 – Date to be confirmed
    ***NEW LOCATION ADDED*** Phnom Penh, Cambodia: HELM 1 & 2 Diploma – Supply Chain, Warehousing & Inventory, Fleet Management & Transport, Procurement, Medical Logistics, Management & Leadership


Interested in knowing more about what happens during our HELM training events? Delivered in locations across Africa, these events have helped hundreds of Humanitarian Logisticians become more effective and efficient. For more information, visit our website page: https://logisticslearningalliance.com/lla-events/ or complete our online enquiry form: https://app.smartsheet.com/b/form/d02c58bd9a5f4d51b56379214c96ba35

Flexible Distance Learning with our LLA Short Courses

Looking to study a course in Logistics and Supply Chain Management to gain knowledge and expertise in a particular subject area, but don’t want the commitment of a full qualification? At LLA, we can offer individual subjects as LLA Certified Short Courses, studied online through distance learning and designed to be completed within just 12 weeks!

Available at Introductory, Intermediate and Advanced levels – there’s a short course available for your level of experience. Prices start at just GBP250.00. And some of our short courses can also be used towards a formal CILT qualification if you change your mind in the future!

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10% discount on selected Commercial Logistics courses during July 2022

At LLA, we provide a wide range of different online courses in Commercial Logistics, from officially recognised and industry specific qualifications to our own suite of Short Courses and Diplomas. Whatever your requirements, there is a course available to study through LLA and our unique distance learning method.

During July 2022, we are offering a special 10% discount on some of our Commercial Logistics Online Courses, including our available range of CILT Qualifications, RQF Qualifications and LLA Short Courses. This discount is available until 31st July 2022.

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Qualifications and courses eligible for this discount are:

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  • LLA Short Courses (Introductory, Intermediate and Advanced levels)

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Useful Information for Logisticians

Evaluation of WFP’s Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic https://www.wfp.org/publications/evaluation-wfps-response-covid-19-pandemic

Latest information on ICRC’s response to Ukraine https://www.icrc.org/en/where-we-work/europe-central-asia/ukraine


Latest Feedback from Students

A photo of Nirpa Dhami with his certificate with Haydn Sandvig.

A photo of Nirpa Dhami with his certificate with Haydn Sandvig.

“My journey in the Certification of Humanitarian Logistics (CHL) was started with LLA in March 2020. It took two years of hard work and dedication to complete the course. I am so glad to receive my first technical certification along with essential key knowledge of the Humanitarian Supply Chain and Logistics sector.

This achievement may not be possible without the great support and coaching of my respected coach Mr Haydn Sandvig. His way of coaching from a wide range of expertise in supply chain and logistics management is a major success factor in my learning. I am extremely grateful and thankful to Mr Haydn.

I found the contents are very much practical, and the course had been designed after enormous research and consultation with multiple leading humanitarian organizations and experts. The provision of virtual scenarios, organizing the piece of information and supporting study materials are very much useful. It is worthwhile for me to gain the underpinning knowledge and applying in practical day-to-day life. Moreover, I have real experience of student support from the LLA Admin team and leadership, much appreciated and I’m grateful for your support. I’ve been able to utilize the gained knowledge in my day-to-day work such as effectively supporting emergency response, teaching and research as well. Similarly, I will continue to do so in my entire career for good causes and humanitarian assistance wherever is needed.

Finally, I was so blessed and humbled moment to receive Aspire/CILT scholarship award I am so grateful for this grant and thank you so much to Aspire/CILT management team.” – Nirpa Dhami, CHL Graduate and HELM Graduate and Supporter.

Check out our newly designed Feedback page here.


Congratulations to new LLA Graduates

Congratulations to all those who graduated from LLA Programmes between April and June 2022!

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