Adrian began working for LLA in August 2007. He purchased the company in November 2019. His professional development includes various levels of CILT Diplomas in Logistics and Transport for both commercial and humanitarian logistics and holds both Assessor and Internal Verifying qualifications.

Before joining the company, he was an LLA student studying through an Advanced Diploma in Logistics and Transport. When a Coach/Assessor position became available he expressed interest, passed the job interview, and joined the company. Consequently, he has experience on the other side as a Learner. This added insight has helped greatly in the development of the Learning Programmes.

Adrian through his time with LLA has developed his passion to develop and create new qualifications, meeting both the demand of the commercial sector while ensure the stands meet the requirements of the awarding bodies. The result being that many of today’s current offerings from LLA are built around Adrian’s skills and knowledge within the sector, coupled with his own self-development to cover any skill gaps. Many of the distance learning programmes were developed by Adrian to incorporate the SCILworld learning platform in line with Qualification Learning Standards.

After leaving school he worked for The Royal Doulton Potteries Group in North Staffordshire for 13 years in a fast-paced manufacturing environment where teamwork and quality control were key elements in the production of high-quality Bone China Figurines.

Prior to his appointment with LLA, he worked at the Pets at Home National Distribution Centre for 5 years. Fresh into Warehousing from pottery manufacturing, he started from the beginning with Order Picking and packing, onto Goods Received and then Stock Control at various management levels. Much of his logistics and warehousing experience was gained from this appointment.

From the first appointment the key learning has been the need to work side by side, be part of a team, the success of any team is respect and communication. From these early days Adrian has carried this forward to now being able to take on the reigns of LLA and the day to day challenges by engagement with the team, customers, and students. Empowerment of the team will help the business grow and change to every changing needs of today’s training, learning and development needs of the humanitarian and commercial supply chain and logistics sectors.

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