If you are a graduate of the Certification in Humanitarian Logistics Programmes (HLCP) – you can now record this achievement on HumanSurge.

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HumanSurge adds value for humanitarian professionals through partnerships with renowned training and certification programmes. HumanSurge brings together experienced humanitarian professionals from various disciplines on a single platform where they can signal their immediate availability for deployment in emergencies, thereby enabling organizations to complete specialized response teams overnight. HumanSurge is created by individuals committed to social causes, dedicating their time and resources to develop new solutions that will unite and empower humanitarian professionals, to improve the way in which humanitarian aid is delivered in the future.

The HLCP programmes consist of the following programmes:

If you have graduated from the HLCP?

Our partnership means you can now show your certification to current and future employers in the humanitarian eco-system. Humanitarian emergency surge operations require qualified logistics experts. Recruiters highly value the Fritz Institute/CILT certification and can now directly search for available logisticians who completed the course components through a verified badge.

If you have attended one of LLA’s HELM programmes, while this will not be badged, you will still be able to record this in your profile on the HumanSurge site.

For more information about how to register your qualification with HumanSurge, please visit their website: http://blog.humansurge.org/add-badge-profile/

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