Supply chain and logistics management skills are growing in demand with employers worldwide. Pursuing a career in this field offers different positions with good salaries and progression opportunities. But because the logistics sector is highly dynamic and rapidly evolving, only a select few can enter the industry.

• When you’ve decided to begin your freight forwarding apprenticeship, you should learn about the international transportation procedure. Not all employers require you to have a degree, but getting one would be a plus. Additionally, they find it extra appealing if you have practical experience within a comparable industry. Professional associations, vocational schools and transportation companies offer freight forwarding courses, workshops and seminars to serve freight forwarders the opportunity to stay abreast of the ever-changing growth that exists within the freight transportation industry. Apart from fine-tuning your communication and administrative skills, forwarding agents are trained to be expert multitaskers when coordinating with third-party services and monitoring shipment schedules.

• If you want to progress more quickly, Masters in logistics and supply chain management are accessible in universities across the UK. You could consider finishing an appropriate degree before looking at postgraduate options. This is not required for entry but it can be useful for your career to progress, specifically for reaching management positions. Larger organisations will offer graduate apprenticeship schemes, where you will take up to two years examining the company and working in different areas.

• The Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (CILT) provides training qualifications that can help you develop your knowledge and skills so you can work in warehouse or supply chain management. There’s much to gain from signing up for a course regardless of your level of experience.

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